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          Covid Information/Updates

Updated: Apr 7

Hello iClean Family,


The well-being and safety of our customers has always been our top priority and that's even more true now than ever. We have been keeping any eye the past weeks on every recommendation issued by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and have used those recommendations to strengthen our already strict sanitation process.


Here are some changes we have implemented


  1. Enforcing frequent hand washing and mandatory sanitizing of hands before and after every home cleaned.

  2. Sanitizing equipment before and after every home cleaned.

  3. Strict use of gloves and mask provided for our cleaners to ensure their safety as well as yours.

  4. Sending all employees home that exhibit any signs of illness what so ever.

  5. Changes in cleaning task, it will be number one priority to sanitize all frequently used objects and/or areas such as door knobs, hand railings, etc.


We are putting forth our best efforts to minimize risk for our employees and our customers safety and will continue to stay on top of information being released.

If, for any reason we feel that our team is compromised we will discontinue business and customers will be notified.


We share this information about our changes to let you know we take COVID-19 very seriously and will continue to do everything to WOW you.


We thank you for being a loyal customer and promise to keep you updated with any new information.


The iClean Team

Updated: Apr 7

Hello iClean Family,

As you might have heard, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has requested everyone to stay at home except for "essential activities" and "essential businesses". We will still be operating to work against minimizing the spread of COVID-19.


We understand that some families may be home due to school closure and working from home. Sanitizing your home is very important and we are here to help! Our pros are experienced with working around families and animals and know how to rotate clean to continue practicing social distancing. You may be asked upon arrival where you would like for them to start to not obstruct your household too much.


Every pro has been professionally trained to follow proper procedure handling the Coronavirus. Pros will sanitize equipment prior to entering your home, as well as putting on gloves and a mask before entering. We use hospital grade cleaning products that will disinfect any surface. Cleaning towels are disinfected daily as well, to ensure that no germs are being passed along.


We hope that every single member of the iClean family remains healthy and safe during this time. We will continue to be here for you to rely on to help sanitize and clean your home.


The iClean Team



Links for you to find more information:

Stay At Home Order

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Updated: Apr 2022

Hello iClean Family,


As we continue to keep the well-being and safety of our customers  our top priority, we will respect any requests for masks to be worn during your cleaning.  We no longer automatically require masks, due to the mandate being lifted.



We share this information about our changes to let you know we continue take COVID very seriously and do everything to WOW you.


As always, thank you for being a loyal customer,


The iClean Team

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