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About Us - Why We're The Right Choice

What's sets us apart from all the cleaning services to choose from, you ask... well let me begin by giving you a little bit of history of how we came to be one of the leading cleaning services for its quality in the KC Metro area. 

It's the summer of 2018. iClean is birthed as a residential cleaning service known for providing high quality cleans. The mission is to give back to the community by aiding in keeping homes in the best condition possible while providing peace of mind to families. 

Partnerships are formed with local property management companies, airbnb host and we're responsible for guaranteeing you have a clean and safe place to rest. 

COVID, the forbidden word. Lock down has begun and everyone is at home and business is closed. Sanitation requirements are implemented and we're a part of the team to help prevent the virus from spreading. With everyone at home, recurring cleaning services were the first to be let go to ensure their homes were safe for their families. 

We didn't stop working to help our community. The iClean team began supporting businesses that required cleaning roles in order to remain open while trying to replenish their staff. 

Lockdown is released. We have explored multiple cleaning positions and learned so much new information to implement into our day-to-day and expand. 

We made it! Its 2021, we received our very first commercial contract. A new mission emerges. Cleanliness attracts customers, helps build business relationships and creates a healthy work environment for employees. 

Today we have had the pleasure of taking care of so many businesses. It doesn't matter if it is a one-time deep clean, construction clean up or a daily recurring janitorial service; we put together all of our resources to provide the highest quality of service possible every time. Our business grows when your business grows. 

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