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  A family owned and operated company.

 iClean Professional
Cleaning Services LLC

Why Choose iClean?

We feel that each client is special and important! To create a neighborly relationship, we listen to the concerns and individual needs or requirements. No matter how small the request, our Pros will deliver with a friendly smile!

Accurate Pricing


Live Clock in/out

Brightly Lit Bathroom

Home Cleaning

Enjoy a Clean Home 

These days, life can be stressful. Let our Pros take the task of cleaning off of your scheuled.

Meeting Room

Commercial Cleaning

Providing a Safer Work Place

A detailed clean, every visit, allows you to focus on your business, not cleanliness.

        Our Team

          *  Background Checks

          *  Professionally Trained

          *  Insured 

          *  Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Provided

          *  Cleaning Checklist Utilized

          *  24-Hour Guaranteed

                                                                     Security Measures

          *  Client information is only available to your Pro until the end of the cleaning. Then it automatically disappears from their screen! 

          *  Geo-location is used to ensure your Pro is right where they should be!


                                                                    Accurate Pricing

          *  Invoicing is formulated by the actual clock in/out entries by your Pro. 

Feel free to Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!