Quality Service at a Reasonable Price

     Our rates are based upon several factors. To provide a higher quality of service, we provide competitive wages to our Pros, as well as using eco-friendly products.


  *  Worker’s Compensation – While this is provided for each Pro, there are other                forgotten expenses as well. We are insured for any damages, in case of an                        accident.


  *  Equipment and Maintenance – We provide every piece of equipment our Pros                use. This includes HEPA vacuums and requires regular maintenance to ensure                it is sanitized for your protection and meets OSHA requirements.


   *  Travel – Every Pro is compensated for the travel from location to location                        during their workday. Gas prices are directly related to the amount of                                  compensation provided.


     iClean strives to provide transparency about our operations and the reason for our rates. Most other companies will not give an open answer about their rates. We want our clients to understand why and how our rates are determined.

Service Rates

                                          Residential Cleaning


                           $55 per billable hour (Per person onsite)

                                    Focus Clean - 2 hours for $90

                                          Commercial Cleaning


                           Please inquire for customized rates.



                                             Refrigerator Interior - $30

                                                      Oven Interior - $30

                                                Cabinets Interior - $30

                                      Window Blinds - $ 20 (per blind)


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